Slow Violence. Tracing the Anthropocene History

17.06. 13.08.2017
Curated by Katarina Stenbeck

little lower layer

03.06. 17.09.2017
Curated by Nina Wexelblatt

An Image in Light: The History of Projected Photography

31.05. 24.09.2017
Curated by Anne Lacoste

Wer ist noch österreichisch?

29.04. 09.07.2017
Kunst Meran, Merano
Curated by Luigi Fassi

La Terra Inquieta

27.04. 20.08.2017
Curated by Massimiliano Gioni

Monumentos, anti-monumentos y escultura pública

30.03. 30.07.2017
Curated by Pablo León de la Barra and Viviana Kuri